Effects of Technology on Education

 In a world where Everyone is looking at the positive side of technology, You ought to know of its negative effects too. It does not help to know that you are becoming great in many online majestic slots club casino games because of technology while in some sectors other are suffering. Specifically looking at the role of the teacher in education. Technology has taken over the role of a teacher in a negative way which causes another problem.


When it came to technology was supposed to make these of the teachers and the learner easy in terms of time. technological gadgets were design ned to do things that were done manually fast, however, these devices are manufactured by human beings and from time to time they make an error. when that occurs while you are learning it takes time. In most cases, you end up doing your work manually.

Internet expenses

In most cases when you are using tech gadgets to make your school research while learning, you need data. This may be a challenge for most students and teachers seeing that the economies of the world are not very friendly currently as a result of the covid -19pandeemic.

Catering for data expenses daily has proved to be a challenge for most learns. This makes it very difficult to access education. Technology can be misleading

Heavily relying on the internet for information has misled a lot of teachers and students lately. Keep in mind that the information that you are getting online is something that is created by someone. howe then do you know if it’s true. This has raised concerns where technology is helping the learners and improving the education sector.

Academic fraud

students are becoming more sedentary as technology advances. It provides them with the power and ability to control anything with just a few mouse clicks. Cheating is against the law, yet with all of the resources available, technology has made it simple.

with technology, students can even cheat during examinations. This does not affect the child. It also affects the economy since schools will be producing students that do not know how to do what they learnt.

Losing assignments

 If there is one thing that you can not always be prepared for is losing your work. As a student relying heavily on the technology you ought to be aware of this. Technological devices that you make sue pf in school can crash and you will lose your work.

This is a major setback in terms of the progress you will be making with your school, work. This just goes to show that technology can let you down when you need it most.


In a much, technology has all of these negative effects on the education section. It also does have the good side of it that has helped the students well as teachers a lot . In  a way it has made Education more accessible and flexible for all without any limitations.