Ways To Beat Technology Addiction

It’s so easy t get addicted to technology when you think of it. A lot of people think you can only be addicted to gambling at frcrazyvegas an online casino or any land-based one but you can be addicted to technology as well. It’s not easy to admit that you are addicted to it because you think it is normal for you to continuously check on your device.

Technology breaks

Once you have discovered that you are addicted to technology you can decide to break from it. This may b a challenge but you can do it when you put your mind to it. Breaking from using it does not mean that you have to completely stop using anything to do with technology.

You need to minimize your use of it. Plan a technology break that you put times you won’t be using it. Times like when you are eating or spending time with your family and friends could be the best time to take these breaks.

Avoid being alone

Loners are usually people who are affected by things to do with dependency. It’s in your weakest moment alone that you feel you need to get your phone or your computer.

Instead of you trying to your devices, you need to find other things that will keep you from doing that. You can choose to go for a run or even better do charity work in the area that you reside in.

disconnect when you sleep

If you want to make sure that you are making progress this is one of the things you can do. you and that when you are enslaved to technology you were probably losing sleep because you were glued on your devices. Switch off everything before you sleep.

It’s said that light disturbs the sleeping hormones therefore you need to follow this. If you think that you can be tempted in the middle of the night, it’s wise that you leave your tech gadgets in another room.


This usually applies to the dependency on your smartphone. Turn off your mobile phone notifications except for important reminders. This will help you leave the addiction that you are suffering from. Just like when you are a gambling addict you can change your behaviour with technology as well. Not hearing notifications from time to time will make you stay away from them and focus on other things.

Use technology to break technology dependency

This may not be easy for so many people but it’s a great step. Make use of your tech device to find out how you can break the addiction that you are currently suffering from. Get an application that can lock when you have reached your daily limit. There is software specifically for that which can help you. In no time you will realise you won’t need ut because you will be used to it.


It’s not easy to accept that you are addicted to technology, especially in this digital era. However, watch out for the signs and get help earlier.